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Stanton DeFreitas Is An International Businessman

March 26, 2015

Stanton DeFreitas firmly believes that just because people have differences does not mean that they cannot connect on a deep level. He was born and raised in Canada and is proud of that fact, but has always celebrated his Caribbean heritage alongside his Canadian birth. He was, fortunately for him, raised in a diverse neighborhood in Toronto's east end called Scarborough. In this neighborhood, it was extremely common for Stanton DeFreitas to come across people, food, languages, arts, music, and traditional practices from a a huge range of cultures from all over the world. This admiration for differences and celebration of diversity is something that stuck with Stanton DeFreitas and is today deeply engrained within him.

Stanton DeFreitas has made a career for himself as an international businessman, which has also exposed to him to many cultural experiences from all over the globe. He is proud of the work he does and of the diversity in his life. Stanton DeFreitas actually harbors an ambition to be a writer or author who writes on the subject of exposure to other ideas, culture, food, language, society, etc. through international sport, international travel, world events, and health and wellness issues.